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TXESS Revolution Partners with STORE for "Energy, Climate and Water in the 21st Century" Summer Institute

In collaboration with STORE, TXESS Revolution provided instructors for a two-week professional development workshop for K-12 teachers at The University of Texas at Austin on Energy, Climate and Water in the 21st Century.

STORE discussed various energy resources, water monitoring and climate change mitigation technologies (carbon sequestration) at the workshop, June 13-25, 2011.







Precious Williams (above left), graduate student in Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department, and Dr. Jon Olson (above right), STORE member and professor in the department, assist teachers with a porosity and permeability lab.






















Field Trips As part of the summer institute, participants were hosted for a one-day field trip by Luminant to the Oak Grove Power Plant and Kosse Coal Mine in Texas. In addition, participants looked at natural CO2 sinks as part of a field trip to the Waco Wetlands during the program.

STORE and TXESS Revolution members Jon Olson, Hilary Olson, Paul Bommer, Larry Lake and Steve Bryant participated in the two-week institute. STORE members Susan Hovorka, Katherine Romanak and Becky Smyth also taught modules on climate mitigation and water resources. Kathy Ellins of the TXESS Revolution instructed teachers on water resources, and Tad Patzek of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at UT Austin discussed future energy resources.